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Sahil’s Photography is about visions and an eye for photography that he had from a very young age. He has been traveling places with his family ever since he was a kid and it is perhaps those extra ordinary sights of his childhood that persuaded him to study photography and immerse himself into the wide world of images. He has honed his skills and focused primarily on the art and quintessential essence of “freezing moments”. He has a truly exceptional gift of capturing the essence of the person and it is through his expert combination of ideas and concepts that the subject is able deliver the best in his expertly conceived portraits. Originally from Mumbai, Sahil travels extensively on his photography assignments; he has been taking pictures in New York, Los Angeles, Dominican Republic, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and India. Combining his knowledge of photography, marketing and advertising that he has achieved through his education, Sahil has obtained the skill of creating stories through his lenses. Be it portraits, fashion, advertising, babies/kids etc. It is a very rare and extremely special ability to combine art and commercial photography to bring out a unique creation, which indeed is liked and appreciated by all and hence his goal is to positively inspire the masses through visual stimulation.   Sahil lives in Mumbai and is currently working local, national and international. 

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